What to expect

lobsang dhonden soktsang

The practitioner, Lobsang Dhonden Soktsang, will see you in strictest confidence. Although his English is still improving, if you speak slowly and clearly, he will be able to understand what is necessary for your consultation. If you have any doubts about this, in each of his clinics there is an assistant for the clinic of the day.

Otherwise you may always address any questions to Lesley Hammond, the overall coordinator of Tara Institute of Tibetan Medicine. She can be reached by leaving a message on 0131 313 0304 or by email

On your first visit you will be provided with A Patient Booklet. This is for you to record your symptoms, any nutritional advice and detail your treatment.


Imbalances are predominantly detected by examining your pulse. The practitioner uses it to 'listen in' to the workings of the entire body including all the major organs. For the practitioner this is even more important than what you might need to tell him!


Treatment focuses on four areas: diet and behaviour, herbal medication, and external treatments.

  • Diet and Behaviour
    The doctor may suggest changes in lifestyle and diet, which are integral to treatment.
  • Herbal medication
    Will be dispensed as powder or pills.
  • External treatments
    The practitioner may also use acupuncture or moxibustion usually in short courses on consecutive days. Moxibustion uses heated herbs or warmed herbal packs on meridian points similar to those used in acupuncture.
lobsang dhonden soktsang

The Cost

Your first consultation:
Subsequent consultations:
Each herbal medicine costs:
(3 required on average)

Concessions available