tara rokpa therapy

About Us

Tara Rokpa Therapy is an approach to working with the mind which was created and developed by Akong Tulku Rinpoche a Tibetan lama and physician.

This approach is for people who do not necessarily have a feeling for religion, but who wish to develop their human potential in a way which includes a 'spiritual' aspect of their existence and which, for many, unlocks a greater capacity to live happy and useful lives.

Many of those who have undertaken the work of Tara Rokpa have done so for its unique combination of Buddhist-based philosophical understandings of the Mind, as well as understandings drawn from western psychotherapy.

The methods of Tara Rokpa include relaxation, awareness and compassion based meditation exercises which help to develop the ability to face all that falls within the range of human experience. We have followed advances in Neuroscience which show that methods which come under the label of Mind Training are often derived from or practised as Buddhist meditation. These methods particularly emphasise mindfulness, awareness and compassion and can be effective in addressing symptoms of various common mental health problems.

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