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The 3 healing Lights

Facilitated by: Susan Atkin and Sarah Wass
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The 3 healing lights were offered to us by Dr Akong Ronpoche as part of his creation of Tara Rokpa. Tara Rokpa is a series of relaxations,meditations & self development exercises that are simple but profound & can be practiced in every day life.

The white,red & blue light visualisations use the healing qualities & powers of the elements that make up our bodies, our world & our universe.The visualisations use the elements in their pure & most essential form, that of light.The pure white light is especially suited to heal our physical body; the pure red light relates especially to the healing of emotional pain & blocks of expression & creativity; whereas the blue light especially helps to heal our fears, anxieties & lack of confidence.

Holy Isle is a wonderful place to experience the elements. We will utilise the natural qualities of earth,water,fire,air & space on the isle. We will also use art materials as a form of expression & the activity of simple massage to su[[ort the practice of these visualisations.

This workshop is suitable as an introduction to the 3 healing lights & for those familiar with the visualisations who wigh to deepen their experience of them.

Our aim will be to enable & encourage participants to pracice the exercises at home to help with the more enduring difficulties & when new difficulties arise. The workshop will approach them as relaxations, however participants are welcome to practice them as meditations if they wish.

Holy Isle

Start Date:
Friday 14th September 2018

End Date:
Tuesday 18th September 2018


Relaxation through Movement & massage

Facilitated by: Tuula Styrman & Edie Irwin
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This course will give you experience of relaxation & compassion in action in every day life the Tara Rokpa way. This work follows the inspiration of Akong Rinpoche, the founder of Tara Rokpa Therapy. 

During the weekend we will specially emphasize movement & massage.

The approach to massage is simple & based on the premise that the potential to help yourself & others through touch is part of being human. Massage is always given whilst fully clothed.

Movement exercises will be taken mainly from the book 'Healing Relaxation' by Edie Irwin.

Samye Ling Tibetan Centre

Start Date:
Friday 2nd November 2018

End Date:
Sunday 4th November 2018