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Tara Trust Edinburgh is the home of the Tara Rokpa Therapy and the international headquarters of the Tara Trust. It is an independent registered Scottish charity and limited company.

The Trustees are:
Dorothy Gunne
Edie Irwin
John Maxwell 

Tara Trust enquiries: 

Tara Trust, 12 Marchhall Crescent, Edinburgh EH16 5HL
Telephone +44 (0)131 667 3723
E-mail: taratrust1@gmail.com


Tara Rokpa Therapy enquiries:
Soo Dawson
Telephone: +44 (0)1392 668 651


Tara Rokpa Training enquiries:
Tara Trust, 12 Marchhall Crescent, Edinburgh EH16 5HL
Telephone +44 (0)131 667 3723 
E-mail: taratrust1@gmail.com 

Tara Rokpa Therapy Association

This is the professional association for psychotherapists. It is an independent company providing its own annual returns and having its own directors. The association represents its members at a national level to the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) through its membership of the Constructivist andExistentialist (formally the Experiential and Constructivist) College of the UKCP.
The Association is an active member of the Constructivist and Existentialist College of the UKCP
The second function is to accredit psychotherapists who have been trained in compassion based psychotherapy.

Susan Atkin

Tara Rokpa Therapy World Wide

Tara Rokpa Therapy has groups and activities throughout Europe and the world.


Belgium: Jean Christophe Lamy
e-mail: tararokpa@skynet.be
Tuula, Telephone: 00358 505489717
e-mail: tararokpafinland@gmail.com
France: Jean Christophe Lamy
e-mail: tararokpa@skynet.be
Germany: Tara Rokpa Deutschland, Petra Niehaus, Telephone: +49 (0) 241 876441
e-mail: info@tararokpa.de
Italy: Claudia Wellnitz, Telephone: +39 (0)471 964183
e-mail: claudiawellnitz@tararokpa.org
Poland: Anna Zubrzycki, Telephone +48 692999869
e-mail: annazubrzycki@tararokpa.org
South Africa: Sharon Benatar, Telephone: +27 (0)11614 1948
e-mail: sharonbenatar@tararokpa.org
Spain: Maria Creixell, Telephone: +34 (0)932 377 071; mob: +34 (0)653 642 135
Sweden: Lena Larsson
e-mail: tararokpasweden@gmail.com
Zimbabwe: Trish Swift, Rokpa Zimbabwe, Telephone: +263 4304411
e-mail: trishswift@tararokpa.org