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The 6th traditional Tara Rokpa Winter Camp ☃️ will take place in Tunturikeimiö, Lapland on February 9-12, 2022, in person or online.

Working with the Elements has been the main focus of the winter camps since the first camp in 2016. The Tara Rokpa therapists Edie and Stephan will be our guides this year.

We will continue working with the elements this year too, exploring our inner elements, the outer elements, the elements around us, and their interactions.

The daily schedule includes Tara Rokpa practices, nature time, sauna, snow and relaxing. For online participants we will open the zoom connection twice a day, for a morning session and for an element practice in the afternoon.

All participants of the Tara Rokpa process are warmly invited to join the camp. To register for the Winter Camp click on this link www.tararokpa.fi/winter-camp-2022

The 24th Tara Rokpa International Annual Summercamp will be held from 17th - 24th July 2022, at Oberlethe, near Bremen in Northern Germany

The summercamp gives an opportunity for all participants and friends of Tara Rokpa to meet and socialise and join virtual workshops. There will be presentations on Tara Rokpa and related topics for people already following the process.

During the camp there are usually introductory sessions for anyone interested to know more, and guided sessions giving relaxation methods for those who just want to do that.

Due to Covid, the 2020 summercamp was held completely online, and the 2021 summercamp was held in a hybrid format with an online programme allowing English speaking participants and interested visitors to join online through Zoom.

For the upcoming 2022 summercamp, we are hoping that travel will be possible again, and that many international visitors will join us in person at the beautiful Hof Oberlethe venue in Northern Germany. Whether there will also be a parallel online programme in 2022 will be decided closer to the time, depending on the situation.

Clicking on this link will bring you directly to the Tara Rokpa International Summercamp website for more information: https://tararokpa.de/en/summercamp/

Covid 19 Update

Tara Rokpa courses at Samye Ling and Holy Isle have been suspended until further notice. Please refer to https://www.samyeling.org for future courses at both venues.

Tara Rokpa are currently offering regular ongoing relaxation and visualisation sessions by Zoom

To find out more and have access to the Zoom link please contact your group co-ordinator. These sessions are shared with our Scandinavian groups (email: tararokpafinland@gmail.com) as well as English speaking members of groups world-wide, including Zimbabwe. In Germany Tara Rokpa also now has regular sessions for all groups..

The Programme for English Speakers

Wednesdays: 4.00pm UK time [6.00pm Finnish time] Open to all who have ben introduced to the first exercises and those in the Healing Relaxation and Back to Beginning phases.
Fridays: Please check with your group co-ordinator for times; These sessions are for those who are Post Back to Beginnings, into Taming the Tiger or later phases of the process. All sessions are free and are being appreciated by all those who join us.

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